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our mirukus

These are our products, we are extremely proud of them. When we started this company, we wanted to create

plant-based milk that was delicious, natural and nutritious.


We are glad to say that we did.


They are not yet available in stores but will be soon: make sure to stay updated to know where to find your Miruku!

Pure love between

Water and Peanuts.

Nothing else.

Simply love the

way real peanuts taste

Ingredients: filtered water, peanuts, salt


How can one resist?

Take a sip and feel

The delightful love of peanuts

Ingredients: filtered water, peanuts,

raw cane sugar, salt

A little swift in the taste.

A special holiday feel,

simply filled in a cup    

Ingredients: filtered water, peanuts, cinnamon, raw cane sugar, salt